This wedding was a good time, indeed. Some of the best dancers I’ve ever seen… I mean, even Grandma was getting down.

Stealing a quote from Michelle’s vows, these two are the heart eyes emoji personified. Just two huge hearts full of love for each other.

Vendor Details:

Hair and Make Up: Siobhan Kelly
Coordinator: Urban Shindigs
Dress: BHLDN 
Rentals: Raphaels
DJ: DJ Dimitri
Venue: Cuyamaca Water Conservation Garden
Ceremony Backdrop and Textiles: Rachel LaBarre
Hand Lettering: Samantha Louise Designs
Florals: Native Poppy
Cake: Twiggs
Catering: San Diego Taco Company (yum!)

To see their flipbook photobooth film, click here.

Sparrows Lodge, such a charming little gem in the middle of the desert.  Removed from the hustle and bustle of Palm Springs, the cozy vibe paired with the chic design touch on all my favorite things. And speaking of favorites, Erin and Bryan were a dream. Some of the most loving and warm people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Vendor Details:

Venue: Sparrows Lodge

Coordinator: Jessica and Kristy at Artisan

Florals: Also Artisan!

Cantor: Jennifer Bern-Vogel

DJ: Dart Collective (so good)

Rentals: Classic

Cake + Desserts: Over The Rainbow

Coffee Services: Koffi

I am so of proud this person. She’s beautiful on the inside and out. She cares about other people. SO MUCH. She works hard. She goes after what she wants. She is wise beyond her years. She goes out of her way to make sure that everyone is included. If someone asks for help, she says yes without question. Her smile is contagious and her laugh is infectious. She is clever, witty and sarcastic like no other. She fiercely believes in social justice. She loves a good burrito, iced coffee and  peanut butter. She’s quickly becoming one of my best friends. Watching her grow and become her own person with her own ideas about life has been an incredible journey. I was 18 when she entered this world and at times, we grew up together. She’s taught me more about myself than I knew a child could, and in many ways, she has made me. Motherhood is hard. Not knowing if you’re doing it right, knowing you’ll have to let them go one day and hope that everything you taught them was enough. Feeling a little like your job as you know it as a mom is done and knowing they will get hurt as they grow and learn from their mistakes. People keep asking me if I am sad that she’ll be moving away to college in the fall. The answer is no. Our family will miss her a great deal, of course and I’m struggling to come to terms with how different life will be from day to day. I know I will feel a hole in my heart and emptiness where she was (sprawled out on the couch, one earbud in her ear, lost in Snapchat). But I just feel so damn proud of this kid. I can’t wait to see all that she does, to see her hopes and dreams come true. To hold her hand for the bumps along the road, celebrate her successes along with her and support whatever life she chooses for herself.  Madi, you are a precious gift to us and loved more than I could ever put into words.

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